Thursday, August 27, 2015

Glenn Beck vs. Donald Trump

Dear CAC:

I am always thinking about Donald Trump, and I don't even like him.  I talk about him behind his back to my friends.  On my radio show, I tell the world how much I dislike his politics, his religion, and even his personal life.  Why do I feel this way?

Glenn Beck


Dear Glenn Beck:

You are jealous of Donald Trump.  Donald can walk into a room and command it, take charge of journalists, make the issue whatever he wants it to be, and, most important, get the people to pay attention, be passionate, and vote.  You have been at this for about 8 years and haven't convinced enough people to think your way, and you are justifiably disappointed with yourself, and you are taking it out on a person who does it effortlessly.

Trump causes people who never voted to think about voting, and to salivate about it.  New York State is likely a lock for him, something thought unthinkable for a Republican in this day and age.  The Hispanic vote is probably his, despite the propaganda against him.  He is probably going to win the election, in spite of your resentment.

I do not expect you will change your heart on this, but perhaps your mind a little.  Think about this: you say you are a libertarian, but whenever anyone disagrees with you, you shut down the conversation.  Whether it's talking about 9/11, birth certificates, or Donald Trump, you have a fetish for shutting down dialogue, and sometimes even mentioning names.  This indicates pain inside you.

This pain, as I've said, is jealousy.  Trump will be, if not President, kingmaker.  I know you wanted to be kingmaker, but that's probably not in the cards.  Maybe you should be like Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter, and embrace the popularity of populism.

Thanks, and good luck!

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