Thursday, August 27, 2015

Voter Fraud Question by Mitt From Mass

Dear CAC:

How can we stop voter fraud?

Mitt from Mass


Dear Mitt from Mass:

I'm assuming you've had a bad experience with voter fraud?

The problem lies in two areas, government and the people.

Government seems to collude with voter fraud, embracing it.  Let's say you run for President.  Let's say your opponent commits flagrant voter fraud in, say, Pennsylvania.  Let's say your opponent's voter fraud in Pennsylvania involves "dumping" voters from outside precincts into precincts where such dumping is not going to be challenged.  That is, no authority is going to stop the dumping.  Let's say such dumping in one such precinct results in voter "turnout" of 110% in that precinct.  This is impossible, is it not?  100% is the max for any precinct, correct?  Why wouldn't you, then, as candidate for President, not challenge such impossible percentage and result? Considering the Presidency is on the line, and the campaign has dragged you through the mud, one might rightly think you would fight like the dickens for truth and justice.

In real life, however, such results are hardly ever, or never, challenged.  Whoever challenges is immediately called a "sore loser" and fricasseed.  But even so, if such obvious fraud goes unchallenged, more obvious fraud is sure to follow, for the simple reason that they can get away with it.

Ultimately, if the candidate defrauded does not challenge, maybe that candidate didn't REALLY want to be President after all.  Do you agree?

The people are another issue.  They DO believe there is voter fraud, but if the candidate defrauded is not going to challenge the results, what motivation has the ordinary citizen to challenge the result?  Furthermore, if the citizen's concern is not only ignored, but also pooh-poohed, by the very candidate defrauded, where else can the citizen go?  If the defrauded candidate won't stand up for himself, how can the citizen make the case without the defrauded candidate? 

Ultimately, if the candidate defrauded does not help the citizen to challenge voter fraud, maybe that candidate is OK with voter fraud.  Do you agree?

Thanks for the question!

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