Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jeb in Florida Asks About Anchor Babies

Dear CAC:

Why do they call it an "anchor baby" and why is that bad.. or good?

Jeb in Florida


Dear Jeb:

"Anchor" refers to the action made in mountain-climbing when you set the pitons (anchors) and everyone climbing behind you is able to follow.  Regarding immigration philosophy, an anchor baby "anchors" the mother "legally" (so they say) to the country where her baby was born.  This anchoring then permits the father, and sometimes other relatives as well, to follow, to enter that country "legally" (so they say).

Anchor babies are not good.  First, in the United States, it breaks the intent of the 14th Amendment.  This is clear from reading that framer's extant writings. 

Second, there is no common sense to it.  No other country permits it because it is detrimental to that country.  Take a country like Mexico, for example, with many poor.  Mexico does not permit illegal immigration nor anchor babies.  Illegals are arrested. Why?  Because immigrants worth their salt don't come in illegally but rather go through the legal steps and pay the assigned fees.  For the USA, the lesson has been clear.  Illegal immigration is not a sign of compassion but of weakness.  Those who come illegally (and many times legally) milk the system in one way or another, either taking government handouts, paid for by depressed and overtaxed taxpayers, or sending much of their paycheck home to mamasita, who then is extorted by the cartels (OK, who then builds a home in Mexico).  How does any of that help America?

Third, anchor babies tend to become radicals for more anchor babies. This is because anchor babies are raised defensively, to be paranoid and angry at the very country in which they live, and to have contempt for the culture, not assimilating or agreeing with it. The anchor babies from 15 years ago are now marching in the streets of the United States as if they have any moral, civil, or legal grounds to protest the laws or attitudes of the USA.  They do not.  Neither do they really care.  It's all choreographed for the sake of gaining power.  Can a reality where illegal immigrants vote really be called "good"?

Thanks for your question, and I hope this helps you to understand this non-complicated issue.

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