Thursday, August 27, 2015

Scott Walker's Sleeves

Dear CAC:

Whenever I do a town hall meeting, I feel like my message isn't getting through.  What should I do?

Scott Walker


Dear Scott Walker:

First, stop rolling up your sleeves.  You are not getting ready to dig a ditch, tame lions, or wash your hands.  The idea that you are connecting with people by "rolling up your sleeves" is ridiculous.  Everyone knows what you're doing, and the few who fall for it aren't worth your time.  Just because everyone else is rolling up their sleeves, why should you?  Does Donald Trump roll up his sleeves?  No, he makes everything look effortless. When you roll up your sleeves, you make it seem like speaking to people at a town hall is just so hard, and that is a psychological turn-off.

Second, you kind of look and sound like Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters.  Try to speak without a nasal monotone and see if you can reach a wider audience that way.  Nothing too affected or gruff, just more natural.

Third, you're a governor.  When Trump talks about Trump, it's a worldwide phenomenon.  When a governor speaks about his State, it doesn't resonate.  People in New Hampshire are not really interested in what's going on in Wisconsin, success or not.  Make the transition to speaking about America, not Wisconsin.  Study Reagan tapes, not Romney tapes.

Thanks for the question, and keep in touch!

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