Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vet from Toledo Wants to Know Why ISIS is Not Yet Destroyed

Dear CAC:

I'm confused.  I thought ISIS was our mortal enemy but we never seem to attack them when they parade or are otherwise out in the open, sitting ducks.  I feel like we can defeat ISIS easily if we tried!  Is there some protocol of war I'm missing?

Vet from Toledo

Dear Vet from Toledo:

You're not missing a thing.  In fact, you have pinpointed something very important.  Unfortunately, it goes even deeper.

For decades America has tolerated Muslim extremist strongholds in Dearborn, Michigan, in Virginia, in upstate New York, and elsewhere.  All this while under a supposed zero-tolerance policy for anyone who aids and abets terrorism.  Why?

The United States government boasts of killing Osama bin Laden yet makes devilish deals with his homeland, Saudi Arabia.  Obviously, this is for oil, but America has more oil, coal, natural gas, and atomic energy brainpower than Saudi Arabia could possibly provide.  Yet, the government limits domestic production and even usage, as if these resources don't exist.  Why?

Arabs train for jihadi war at camps in the American Southwest, and in the American Southeast, and, to be clear, all over America.  The authorities do nothing.  The media reports nothing.  Those who discover these camps are shut down, shut out, and who-knows-what.  Why?

The Palestianian "people" who Israel tolerate on their soil constantly hurl rocks, insults, mortars, grenades, and rockets at Israeli targets, and the United States government and media are virtually silent, but if Israel retaliates there is a news-cyle of verbal mayhem towards Israel, as if defending oneself against Arabs is a crime against humanity.  Why?

Islamic "soldiers" gun down our citizens at military camps, embassies, malls, and attempt bombings in planes, cabs, and trains, yet the governments and media of the world STILL refuse to irrefutably lay down the truth that the world is at war with Islam.  Why?

The answer to all of these questions is not complicated or multiple.  It is simple and a single answer.  There is fear.

It's easy to understand why individuals would fear radicals and terrorists but why is government and media afraid?  Here are some theories:

(1) The communist nations have the West in their sights, are using the jihadis as cannon fodder, and retaliation equals world war.  To this I say - poppycock!  If that's the case, better to fight now while the fragments are fragmented.

(2) The jihadis are better armed than we think, and if we push back too hard they will unleash a dirty bomb in a big city.  To this I say - bosh!  If they had the means and the opportunity, I think the Muslim terrorists would not hesitate to use a dirty bomb.

(3) The Western governments are in collusion with the jihadis.  What's that you say?  Impossible?  Would it not best explain why the greatest nations in the world tolerate attacks from these very small armies and cells?  Would it not explain how our utmost technology fails to ferret out every single one of these centipedes?  Would it not explain media silence and cover-up for ISLAMIC RADICALS?

Why would the Western governments be in collusion with the jihadis?  Are the members of these governments turned Muslim?  Or is there something even MORE nefarious?  And what could be more nefarious than to join with those you call "enemy" while pretending to have not?

I'm sorry if my reply has been traumatic or disorienting, but it's better to live in reality if it's true.  The sooner one faces a problem that exists, the sooner one can get to work on a solution.

Thank you for your service, and for your question.

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