Monday, August 31, 2015

Jorge Ramos - Question from Megan K

Dear CAC:

Jorge Ramos says that everything America does to stop illegal immigration, and to stop immigrant crime, is unfair to Mexico and Mexicans.  Is that true?

Megan K


Dear Megan K:

Jorge Ramos is unbalanced.  I suggest you and yours stay far from him.  The best cure for a sore is to not pick at it, and the best cure for a virus is to not feed it.

Now, since Jorge is a human being, you might feel inclined to be upset comparing him to a microbe.  That's fine.  Think of him as an insane person, and, as we know, you cannot reason with insane people or drunks.  If you think about it, Jorge is compulsive, obsessive, irrational, and double-minded, all symptoms of someone impaired.

Remember, the more you try to reason with insane people, the more likely you are to go insane yourself.

As for Mexico and Mexicans, every right-thinking Mexican wants America to be a land of opportunity and freedom, not a land of laziness and slavery.  If the United States border means nothing, then every criminal and layabout shall enter, taking opportunity and freedom away from Mexicans!

But let's not stop there.  The cartels, gangs, and mafias in America ALSO need to be cleaned out.  Not for utopia, but for the same freedom and opportunity that Mexicans desire. 

I hope this helps your relationship with Jorge, and your understanding of the situation.

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